A life well lived is full of meaning, and clarity on important issues.  The issues that strike me as most important for us and future humans are climate change and human rights / peace.  I look into my past and see images speaking to the betterment of marginalized peoples. Visuals commenting on the human condition and our impact on earth.  

If you are a character in need of eyes, ears or a mouth to tell your story, please find me.  

If you are a brand wanting to tell its story, must be B corp or triple bottom line companies that support people, planet and profit.  

To this end I have taken up a brand ambassadorship for Green Guru Gear in Boulder Colorado. I'd like to give a shoutout to Green Guru for their sustainable business practices in producing cycling gear out of used bike tubes and other recycled materials.  Their business diverts waste, in the process creating products for people to enjoy.  Check out www.greengurugear.com for their full line of rad bike products. 

If you are an outdoor brand with a mission, give me a shout about working together.