In a 2-hour format, "Inspiration" combines music and conversation with visionaries across genres. On Episode 1 Derz hosts Joe Vallen, a comic creator and writer.  We discuss his current projects "The Adventures of Jesus and Frankenstein" and "Scooter the Skeeter".  Talk ranges from choosing a unique look to collaborating with graphic artists to life as a writer.  

The Adventures of Jesus and Frankenstein 

j&f poster.jpg

Meet the main characters, in this epic new series from writer Joe Valley and illistrator Andrew Glassman.


Part of the mission on the Inspiration show is to provide a multi-genre multimedia experience that lasts beyond a live show and even a podcast recording.  If you liked this episode and want to feel inspired, you can listen to the playlist curated by the first guest on the show Joe Vallen.

Our conversation was soundtracked by Beck, David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails amongst others.  You can enjoy the play list below.  


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